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Composite Tooling

Hydrojet specializes in manufacturing prototype tools, composite layup and machining fixtures, molds and more. We also provide engineering and design services for all types of tooling we manufacture.

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  • Lay-up tools
  • Bond tools
  • Universal holding fixtures
  • Vacuum hold fixtures
  • Master molds
  • Prototype tooling

Premier onsite design and engineering capabilities.
These days, the Aerospace and Military sectors have a consistent need for superior composite tooling materials. Therefore, the need for a company that excels in designing and developing these materials is a must. As an approved Aerospace and Military supplier, we are committed to engineering and designing the highest quality of molding composites for a variety of services, including military, marine, industrial, and power generation. At our state-of-the-art facility, our engineers have developed and implemented a premier process for creating composite tooling.

Expanding our technology is a main focus.
At Hydrojet, we pride ourselves on being innovative in regards to our services and processes. We spend a great deal of time investing in our own company to ensure that we are able to stay ahead of our competition. In the event that we have any downtime, our engineers spend their time researching ways on how to improve our processes and manufacturing techniques.

We strive to provide our customers with exceptional service that meets their specifications and requirements on time.
When you have a prototype that you would like manufactured, or you want us to start with a brand new design, our tooling composites and molds are developed using the latest—and safest—technologies to ensure durability and optimal performance for the required amount of cycles.

Our engineers have the experience needed to cover all aspects of the tooling process. This includes temperature management as various materials will expand when heated as well as examining the prototype or design to implement an appropriate draft angle for part removal. We utilize a variety of materials in our molding process to meet your standards and deliver complex molds for your satisfaction.

If you need a resin infused mold, or a composite lay-up, we are well equipped to provide you with the machinery you need and quality finishes at the lowest possible cost.
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